CCleaner has been hacked by Perry's Computer Repair

CCleaner has been hacked

CCleaner, a popular application used to clean trash and duplicate files from computers was recently hacked, but only its 32 bit version of the application was affected and its enterprise use for the 64 bit version. The application acted a vehicle for malware, which it would secretly put on a user’s computer. Most home computer users use the 64 bit version and so this hack would not affect them. If you think you have the 32 bit version check to see if you have the version number: 5.33.6162.

Microsoft introduces Hololens

Microsoft Windows 10: Mixed Reality and Hololens

Microsoft has announced one of the most significant developments in Windows 10: Mixed Reality. I will be getting a Windows 10 mixed reality update as part of my membership in the Windows Insider Program and probably will write future blogs on this new and astounding development.
Mixed reality is breaking down the barrier between the virtual and physical reality. Using a virtual reality device (Hololens) and seeing your hands as you work on a 3D image of a real object is wild. With this device you can bring in a holographic image of another person and collaborate with him.

Perry Specializing in Windows 10

Window 10: To upgrade or not?

Microsoft has announced that the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, is in development and available for preview and to be released soon.
But what happened to Windows 9?

Microsoft doesn’t really answer the question well. Tony Prophet, Microsoft Windows marketing boss says, “It came and it went.” To be honest, skipping around seems to be something Microsoft does. If you remember, there was Microsoft Vista and following that version was Microsoft 7 and then 8. Another point of view for skipping version 9 has been said that it is considered an unlucky number in Japan where Microsoft has a large presence. For whatever true reason Microsoft skipped version 9, I hope version 10 will live up to what Microsoft is selling.