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CCleaner has been hacked by Perry's Computer Repair

CCleaner has been hacked

CCleaner, a popular application used to clean trash and duplicate files from computers was recently hacked, but only its 32 bit version of the application was affected and its enterprise use for the 64 bit version. The application acted a vehicle for malware, which it would secretly put on a user’s computer. Most home computer users use the 64 bit version and so this hack would not affect them. If you think you have the 32 bit version check to see if you have the version number: 5.33.6162.

New Advanced in Computer Security

New Advances in Computer Security

Intel now has entered computer security with a big splash when it announced last Fall the sixth generation of its CPU family, the I7 V Pro also called Skylake. The behemoth corporation hopes that this CPU will make people especially small businesses more excited about their work computers. It wants to transform the business workplace and drive change to its nth degree

How cyber criminals can steal your money

Cyber Crime: Part Two – How Cyber Criminals can steal your money

It never ceases to amaze me how malware can get into your computer. The other day I was downloading Google Chrome for a customer from a malicious website. I was in a hurry and did not check the website URL. Before I knew it, I had downloaded 75 malware programs and viruses in a few seconds. I then spent the next 15 minutes removing them. It seems that hackers are using malware to take over the cyber world. 8 million new variants per month are infecting computers. That’s right, malware does mutate to catch your computer and anti-virus protection off guard.

Apple Pay, is it worth it?

The Building of a Cyber Crime Empire

I have removed many Trojan viruses over the years, but never as dangerous and powerful as ZeuS. This Trojan malware is responsible for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars by cyber gangs over the last eight years. My blog today is meant to alert computer users to the dangers of computer viruses and to protect themselves by getting good virus protection and backing up their data. Call Perry’s Computer Repair immediately if you suspect a virus infection.