Perry Mitchell of Perry’s Computer Repair in Ocean View, Delaware is a Certified Microsoft Professional, and as such, writes many articles surrounding how to tweak and repair various versions of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows 10 tips and more.

How cyber criminals can steal your money

Cyber Crime: Part Two – How Cyber Criminals can steal your money

It never ceases to amaze me how malware can get into your computer. The other day I was downloading Google Chrome for a customer from a malicious website. I was in a hurry and did not check the website URL. Before I knew it, I had downloaded 75 malware programs and viruses in a few seconds. I then spent the next 15 minutes removing them. It seems that hackers are using malware to take over the cyber world. 8 million new variants per month are infecting computers. That’s right, malware does mutate to catch your computer and anti-virus protection off guard.

Perry Specializing in Windows 10

Window 10: To upgrade or not?

Microsoft has announced that the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, is in development and available for preview and to be released soon.
But what happened to Windows 9?

Microsoft doesn’t really answer the question well. Tony Prophet, Microsoft Windows marketing boss says, “It came and it went.” To be honest, skipping around seems to be something Microsoft does. If you remember, there was Microsoft Vista and following that version was Microsoft 7 and then 8. Another point of view for skipping version 9 has been said that it is considered an unlucky number in Japan where Microsoft has a large presence. For whatever true reason Microsoft skipped version 9, I hope version 10 will live up to what Microsoft is selling.