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Perry Specializing in Windows 10

Window 10: To upgrade or not?

Microsoft has announced that the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, is in development and available for preview and to be released soon.
But what happened to Windows 9?

Microsoft doesn’t really answer the question well. Tony Prophet, Microsoft Windows marketing boss says, “It came and it went.” To be honest, skipping around seems to be something Microsoft does. If you remember, there was Microsoft Vista and following that version was Microsoft 7 and then 8. Another point of view for skipping version 9 has been said that it is considered an unlucky number in Japan where Microsoft has a large presence. For whatever true reason Microsoft skipped version 9, I hope version 10 will live up to what Microsoft is selling.

Watch out for these computer viruses

Watch Out For These Kinds of Viruses

My big repair today was the removal of a rootkit virus that damaged my customer’s computer. The rootkit apparently changed permissions on his folders and apps. This rootkit virus also stole my customer’s data.

In my second installment of viruses, I will describe different types of viruses. Identifying the type of virus is an important first step in the removal of the virus. Knowing what kind of virus infection you have may point to different removal steps. Also, if the virus is the type that steals password information, then changing your passwords may be an important step to protect your banking and financial data. Removal of viruses will be addressed in future blog posts.

Learn more about removing viruses

Removing a virus

The simple way to remove a computer virus is to never get one in the first place. Good virus protection will help to ensure this but even the very best virus protection cannot catch everything. So there are people who have virus protection and still get viruses. Usually these are people who have failed to regularly update their virus protection or have let their virus protection expire.

Computer Safety Tips by Perry Mitchell

Tips for protecting your computer and your identity

Last year the Federal Trade Commission received more than one-quarter million stolen identity complaints. 13 billion dollars a year is spent by the private sector to protect against cyber threats. Recently, Anthem, a health care provider, announced that its files had been hacked and now 80 million customers faced the possibility that their important data had been stolen. Clearly, identity theft has become a growing problem. This blog will provide some tips for prevention of online identity theft.