Apple Pay, is it worth it?

The Building of a Cyber Crime Empire

I have removed many Trojan viruses over the years, but never as dangerous and powerful as ZeuS. This Trojan malware is responsible for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars by cyber gangs over the last eight years. My blog today is meant to alert computer users to the dangers of computer viruses and to protect themselves by getting good virus protection and backing up their data. Call Perry’s Computer Repair immediately if you suspect a virus infection.

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Removing a virus

The simple way to remove a computer virus is to never get one in the first place. Good virus protection will help to ensure this but even the very best virus protection cannot catch everything. So there are people who have virus protection and still get viruses. Usually these are people who have failed to regularly update their virus protection or have let their virus protection expire.

Computer Safety Tips by Perry Mitchell

Tips for protecting your computer and your identity

Last year the Federal Trade Commission received more than one-quarter million stolen identity complaints. 13 billion dollars a year is spent by the private sector to protect against cyber threats. Recently, Anthem, a health care provider, announced that its files had been hacked and now 80 million customers faced the possibility that their important data had been stolen. Clearly, identity theft has become a growing problem. This blog will provide some tips for prevention of online identity theft.