Custom Computer Repairs

Perry has started to create repair how-to pages. We will start linking to them on this page.

Do it yourself repairs are sometimes easy and others time very difficult. If your repair requires a professional, please make an appointment with Perry. He will treat you right and at affordable rates; rates you can actually afford!

Step by Step Dell Inspiron 17″ Disassembly

Device: Dell Inspiron 17″ 5000 series -5759

Title: Dell Inspiron 17″ Disassembly

Description: This guide will show a disassembly of a Dell Inspiron 17 inch  5759 laptop showing pictures and removal of an  AAL15 LA D071P system board.

  • The first thing is to remove the battery as you would in any repair of a laptop. This repair was done by Perry’s Computer Repair in Ocean View, DE.
  • This repair was done because water was spilled on the laptop and it did not boot. Best guess was that the system board was not functioning. Picture shows system board which is our objective to replace.