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How long will my computer repair take?

In most cases we can repair it on the day we are called. Exceptions may apply to heavily infected computers.

No show/cancellation fee

No show policy

When you make an appointment, I reserve a significant amount of time to repair your computer.  When you do not show, I lose that time plus the gas spent traveling to your home.

For scheduled appointments, I require 24 hours notice of cancellation. For appointments made the same day, I require 2 hours notice of cancellation. If you do not cancel within these time-frames, including remote sessions, you will be assessed a $60.00 non cancellation fee. By scheduling an appointment you agree to these terms.

Do you charge for estimates or diagnosis?

We don’t charge for an estimate. There is no charge for a diagnosis unless it is part of the repair.

How much will it cost?

Perry’s computer repair has the most affordable rates in the area. We give discounts to retired persons, return customers and business clients. See our rates page.

What if you are unable to fix my device?

If we can’t fix it, we don’t charge.

I would like to buy a new computer but I don’t know what to buy. Can you help?

We can survey your needs and determine the perfect computer for you to buy.

What qualifications does Perry have?

Perry's Computer repair, Microsoft Certified ProfessionalPerry Mitchell, of Perry’s Computer repair, is a Microsoft Certified Professional

Can you remove a virus and speed up my computer?

We specialize in virus removal which is 80 percent of our business. Hopefully you have backup your files in case the virus has taken over your computer.

My computer was taken over by the crypto wall 2.0 virus and they want a $500 ransom to unencrypt my files. Can you fix this deadly virus?

Don’t pay the ransom. Don’t pay the ransom. We will remove it and get your files back without any ransom.

Can you set up my new computer for me in my home?

Yes we specialize in setting up computers and transferring data to your new computer.

Can you replace my hard drive and get my files back?

We are experts in replacing hard drives in desktops and laptops. Files can sometimes be retrieved, but not always, and transferred to your new hard drive.

Can you install a wireless printer for me?

We can hook it up and install it for you quickly.

Can you install wireless home network for me?

Yes, we can install it providing you have a wireless adapter on your computer. If not we can install one.

My network router is not working. Can you check it out for me?

We will check it to determine the connection problem. Be sure to have the network password.

Can you fix a forgotten password?

If you own the computer, we can retrieve your administrative password. If that is not an option, we can offer a reinstallation of windows operating system.

How can I get my computer out of power save?

We can do that for you too.

Can you help me with Windows 8.1? I find it hard to navigate this system.

We are experts in tutoring in Windows 8.1 and other software.

Can you help with my computer which is not booting?

We will have you up and running in no time.

My computer is so slow I can’t get any work done. Can you fix this?

Yes we are experts in tuning computers. There are many causes of a slow computer from the presences of malware to errors on the hard drive. We will find the cause and fix it.

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